“Save Hundreds of Dollars by Building Your Unique Home Fire Pit with This Simple to Follow Blueprint”

Dear Fire Pit enthusiast !

Think about the coming summer months, imagine how your barbecue parties are going to be, and how you will spend the cool summer nights.

Think about how you want your garden or backyard to look this summer and how much time you would like to spend there.

Imagine that you could add a feature to your home, something that you could use not only for grilling and barbecue, but something that you could use every day.

You could save yourself a lot of money, and have a lot of fun building your own fire pit, applying your own unique design to it and using it not only as a barbecue but also as an outdoor feature to be proud of!

The Fire Pit Planner Guide is for anyone who want to build his or her own fire pit!

This Guide is Essential to anyone who:

Wants more than a Barbecue in their Garden!
Is Tired and Fed Up with cheap barbecues!
Wants To Add a Unique Feature to The Garden!
Wants to Improve His Barbecue experience!
Is Going to Host Parties and enjoy his backyard!
Wants to Be Proud Of his Garden!

Is Looking for a Pit That Lasts! 

The Fire Pit Planner Guide will Show you how to build your own fire pit and how to cut that crazy-industrial-IKEA-look-a-like barbecue costs.

This guide can Teach You how to use the proper materials so you will Ultimately have a Fire Pit that Lasts for Years, Save you a lot of cash on cheap barbecue designs that Keep Breaking and Falling Apart, You could Make Your Own Pit and Use it For many things apart from grilling.

Finding a good, easy to follow fire pit plan isn't an easy task, even today with all the information available over the internet. After months of consulting with our website visitors, there is finally an easy to follow blueprint that you can easily grasp and build you own (do it yourself) fire pit.

The fire pit planner guide include:

The IMPORTANT first steps
Basic Requirements
Numerous 3-D Computer Generated Pictures
Step By Step Comprehensive Guide

All this and more, without any risk from your part (30 days money back guaranteed).

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 Look at some of the reviews we got from our happy “Fire Pit Planner Guide” users -

"My husband and I have been thinking about getting a fire pit for a few months now, we owned a few pits in the past but they all fell apart.

Your guide has helped us make our mind as to the kind of firepit we wanted in our garden, and also resolved many of our safety issues questions, building the pit was fun for the whole family and it was a great quality time and bonding experience we had in the last few years, thanks!"

Gill, FL

"This really inspired me to get on with setting my firepit, and I was amazed at the results, the pictorial overview really helped, and spacing and safety tips brought up things I never thought of...

I cant believe how fast I got to building this once I completed reading your guide, the idea was there for years but I never got to the actual work, now I spend almost every evening with my wife and kids in our garden"

Sam, TX

That's right, the Fire Pit Planner Guide has it all, just look at this next few slides, taken from the actual book -

fire pit plans ideas

fire pit ideas 3


fire pit safety tips


All this and more, without any risk from your part (30 days money back guaranteed).

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Retail Price $67 Now On Sale 17$